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Finding your missing Dell Drivers

January 16th, 2011 No comments

If there is one thing out there that many people have its locating and keeping up to date the correct Dell drivers.  In many cases you can just go the manufacturers site to get them but often times they will have several drivers listed for just one computer part.  It is not easy for most people out there to tell exactly who is the maker of their wireless card or Bluetooth device.  Take the Dell Inspiron 6000 drivers for instance.This dell Laptop is one of the highest selling dell models to date.  If you check out the dell site you will see several choices for video cards and almost a dozen just for the wireless device.don’t get me started on their being several different drivers in one section all for different devices.

It can take a very long time downloading and installing each one just to find out it is not the right one and now you have to uninstall the program and re-boot for the 10th time.  If you try to install the wrong one you will end up with blue screens or other similar types of errors.  For this reason most computer experts don’t even waste their time going to the computer makers site.  It is far easier to download a simple drive scanner program that will quickly scan your computer and locate all the new drivers for you in only around a minute.

Another benefit to using a drive scannign program is you just have to click the donwload button to get the driver.  It will also identify what types of devices you have in your computer which can help out when trouble shooting down issues.

It can be very hard for even a pro to locate and find the right driver for your exact OS and hardware device.  If you have a third party hardware device and no identifiable model number on that device then good luck finding the right driver.

People used to turn to search engines. Typing in something like Dell Inspiron 6000 Bluetooth driver and then in the search results they would push through all the links till they found the driver.  This however has changed over the last year because many hackers picked up on this and it makes for easy prey.  They simply make a fake drivers page and when a user downloads what is supposed to be the correct driver they find out they just downloaded a trojan and now they have 2 issues to deal with.  Save yourself some time if you ever need to search for drivers and just download a driver scanner program.