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Computer to Computer File Transfer Mehtods

April 15th, 2010 No comments

When searching for how to transfer files to a new computer, the most common solution that PC users consider is the usage of external data storage devices such as DVD, CD, memory stick or external hard disk drives. However, these classical methods are not always the best solution, especially in the case of large volumes of data when multiple DVDs should be burned just for a one time transfer.

For those looking to transfer over custom settings and user account information you find the abpve process to be very complicated. For those with little data the above option is free and easy to do.

In order to learn how to Trasnfer Files to the new computer that has just been purchased, it is very important to first identify what files and data should be copied, what is their media type and size and how important are they for your daily activities. In this way, if the data that need to be transferred to the new computer has a large volume and is of very high importance to the user, special software and special file transfer conditions should be considered.

For those that need to transfer over programs then you will need to use a third party program because the easy transfer method will not work for this.   As of now there is only one program on the market that can do this for you.  to learn more about it check out this PC to PC file transfer site.

The Easy Transfer Wizard from Microsoft is a built in tool that can migrate over much of what you may need.   While the software does a decent job of porting over user data and documents many find they have to run the program a few times to get all the data they want to transfer. Keep in mind that in most cases you will need to install the software program who’s settings you want to transfer over to the new computer first.

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