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Antivirus Soft: A New Threat You Should Be Aware Of

May 17th, 2010 No comments

One of the latest rogueware to hit the web is called Antivirus Soft. Don’t be fooled by its name: it is not at all an antivirus product. Trojans will infect your PC and thus will install Antivirus Soft. They are to be found over the Internet when browsing sites. This malware will be pushed as being a good product (an antivirus one) and that it will be beneficial for your PC. So once installed, this malware will perform a fake system scan of your computer and will report it as being deeply infected. These infections are however either nonexistent or they are created by the virus during the scan. This site computer virus removal has lots of infos about virus removal.

Then Antivirus Soft will change your browser’s configuration. Using the web will be but a painful experience. The result is that you will be reoriented to various web pages most of the times when you want to visit some websites. Antivirus Soft will block you from accessing some web pages for your security claiming those pages are compromised ones. This is not true. Then, pop ups and ads will start to appear constantly because of the changes this rogue program did to your browser’s settings. Check here remove Antivirus Soft for more infos about Antivirus Soft while this website computer repair service is an online service dedicated to remove threats like this one.

This malware will (besides compromising your PC) try to steal your money. When the program convinces you that your PC is infected, it also recommends you to buy its full version in order to completely get rid of the threats. You will be directed to a website where you will complete the payment for a useless tool.

Even if you don’t fall to this and you don’t risk giving your money for a scam, you still have to get rid of Antivirus Soft as it constantly slows the performance of the operating system. Therefore, you will have to find one of the multitudes of automatic tools that are available on the Internet for the removal of the application and you will not have to worry anymore. I don’t recommend you to manually remove this malware, unless you’re pretty good at doing such things.