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Get Rid of Antivirus Pro 2010

April 18th, 2010 No comments

Check out this Antivirus Pro 2010 article for more exact removal steps. These false scans and warning messages are all a trick to get you to purchase the program.  This type of scam has been going on a long time. It seems that very few people ever get caught and these scams just go on and on.

If you are infected with this threat then consider this computer repair site to help you remove the threat.  This is a online computer repair company that can fully remove your threat online.

Your computer slowing down to a crawl is one major side effect of this program. In many cases these types of security clients do this.
The program also infects the Windows registry. You can use a registry cleaner to repair the damage done.  In most cases a good security client can repair the registry as well.

For the most part people get infected with this fake client from another Trojan virus. This trojan virus slides under the radar to many antivirus clients and goes out and downloads the fake antivirus program. These fake security programs have stood the test of time and because of that they are hard to remove.  One good tip is to open up the Windows Task Manager and end the AntivirusPro_2010.exe process. Now you should be able to remove the file from your computer. This is the part of the program that you need to delete.  In some cases people are not able to open up the Task Manager.   When this happens you can download a program called Process Killer.  It works great at ending running programs and is easy to use.
After you think you have removed all the traces you now need to run a full secuirty scan to make sure you have removed all the traces of this threat from your computer. If your scan comes up clean then congrats ou have just removed the virus.

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